Sports Floor Installation

Our certified technicians can work with your staff to help you chose the best floor system for your facility. Whether your sports floor project includes a new building or will be retrofit into an existing building, we can help you design the best floor for the needs of your facility.

Hardwood Floor Systems
Stalker Sports Floors is a member of the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association and uses MFMA grade flooring on our athletic floor projects. We have partnered with Aacer Floor Company located in Peshtigo, WI to provide our customers with the highest quality Hardwood Floors and Athletic Floor Systems. Please visit their web sites for more information on MFMA and Aacer Floor Company

Synthetic Floor Systems
Stalker Sports Floors offers versatility with a variety of Synthetic Sport Floor Systems. These systems offer choices in leading edge technology and outstanding performance for multi-sport, multi-use athletic floors.

Modular Tile Floors
Stalker Sports Floors offers Modular Tile Floors as an attractive alternative sports floor for situations in which a Hardwood Sports Floor or Synthetic Sports floors is not the best solution. Examples are walking tracks, tennis courts, batting cages and roller hockey courts. Consider Modular Tile Floors for your sports floor.

Weight Room Floors
Stalker Sports Floors uses converted recycled rubber flooring for attractive Weight Room Flooring that takes the maximum impact as it cushions the constant pounding of heavy foot traffic and weights. Use Rubber Floor Mats in cardio areas, weight rooms, locker rooms, spinning and child care areas, in the entire room or specified stations. Available in a variety of colors this rubber flooring takes the punishment of a weight room area and keeps it looking great.